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Under Pressure fundraiser:

DEEP Under Pressure

A Night Of Deep Bass Music


VILIFY <Bass Drive Wednesdays>​ges/VILIFY/79966592973
Montreal’s VILIFY has taken her city’s electronic music scene by storm.
Founder and resident DJ of Montreal’s most popular weekly ‘Bass Drive Wednesdays’, (voted #1 Best Club Night in The Mirror’s Best of Montreal 2011) her night pushes the hardest and darkest Dubstep, DNB, Jungle and more.
Voted #2 Best Club DJ in The Mirror’s Best of Montreal 2011, she has built up an enviable reputation with her signature dubstep sets, versatility over the entire DNB spectrum & whatever else she feels like (hip hop, reggae, jazz, raggacore, breakcore, metal).

RISK [LIVE] <Monkey Dub>​ges/Risk/109366002428998
This live bass heavy ensemble invades all necessary territory. Sergeant Wally commands a daring army of knobs and strings, Bassist Sourultrafast wields his weaponry like its heavy artillery, Drummer Plecko dominates the cadence, the skins have no chance, and Singer/mc Ella Grave throws lines like they were grenades.
Their mission: invade your speakers with original dubstep, drumstep and dnb tracks. There will be casualties.

COREY K <Crimewave, The Session>​ges/Corey-K/123740990873
No stranger to the jungle scene, Corey K has played an invaluable role in keeping DNB alive in Montreal. Corey’s been spinning D&B for so long he can’t remember being without it…point is he really likes the music so when you see him stressed out in the club, get him a shot or something and tell him to relax.

GENERIC <Ctrl, Shift Music>​neric.dnb
“G” has been making beats and residing as our resident ‘graphics guy’ since day one. With tunes signed to Liquid V, Spearhead, and Dieselboy’s Human Imprint, this studio nerd will school you, and then draw you a picture demonstrating how schooled you just got.

REALITY <Final Recordings, Monkey Dub>​ges/REALITY/14467197205
Hungry for more than the laid back coasts of Vancouver Island, Reality arrived in Montreal, and accelerated by local promoters, Reality has rocked some of the hottest bass rattled nights alongside the best local talent and top international producers. Reality has an exclusive self titled EP signed by Montreal’s well known record label Monkey Dub and has officially founded and launched Final Recordings. Reality is a non stop snowballing success; fueled by a true passion for music and sound.

@ Underworld Skate Shop
251 St-Catherine Est
5$ Cover