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Archive for March, 2010




[Human Imprint, Planet Of The Drumz, Monsters Of Jungle]


Dieselboy is unanimously accepted as North Americas’s most prolific Drum & Bass DJ. Accolades include the best selling D&B mix cd, winning the 1998 Global DJ Mix Awards, charting the first D&B single on Billboard’s dance chart, touring with David Bowie, Moby, Tiesto and playing in over 40 countries across 6 continents. Headlining the ‘Planet Of The Drums’ tour with AK1200, Dara & Messinian, he’s been hitting every major festival worldwide for 10 years running. His newest tour ‘Monsters of Jungle’ is getting equal press alongside his genre-leading label ‘Human Imprint’. It’s been over 2 years since our last visit from the dieselguy, and he’s assured us that April 17th will be a never-before-seen genre-bending performance, not to be missed.


[Bass Drive,]
When I went to Vilify’s fortress (deep in the catacombs of NDG) I was greeted by her two pet snakes and a tarantula. I was a little freaked out at first, but by the time I left, the snake was cozily wrapped around my leg, and the spider, well the spider stayed in his box. Nevertheless I was completely at ease, and felt like I was home. It felt exactly the same the first time I saw Vilify play in a club. She spins with her heart on her sleeve, completely disarming, but never afraid to whip out the fangs when necessary 😉


[Bass Drive,]
This guy couldn’t have chosen a better dj name, if you’ve ever been to Bass Drive Wednesdays at Koi Bar, you know that Construct builds a set like no other. In the span of 1 year, Construct and Vilify have transformed a relatively unknown weekly into a powerhouse that demands you show up early…or be stuck waiting in line at coat check before you can reserve your spot on the dancefloor.


[The Session, Long Dark Tunnel]
Corey would like to tell you he hasn’t spent the last week trying to convince his father not to sell his antique coca-cola collection and to quit buying 300 hundred-pound antique cash registers instead. Corey would ALSO like to tell you that he didn’t hurt his neck so bad lifting the fucking things that he feels 60 years old. He’d like to tell you that. He really would.


4465 St-Laurent Blvd.


10$ in advance / more at the door
MOOG Audio – 3828 St-Laurent Blvd.
Off The Hook – 1021A St-Catherine O.

Cool websites you should visit:



I regret to inform you that we have been forced to cancel tomorrow’s event taking place at Lambi. Unfortunately these things sometimes happen. In simplest terms Teebee’s US Visa is not yet sorted and he may not be able to re-enter the United States after the performance, so the decision was made to cancel. Teebee is very very sorry and takes full responsibility for this; it was only made clear to Circle Management and myself as of 1pm today.

These facts, coupled with the venue’s need for us to start the event later has brought us to the conclusion that it’s best to cancel the show altogether.

In Teebee’s own words: “Corey is someone I DO NOT want to let down, but this is bigger than just missing a gig….This is about my marriage and my future…I can at this point, not afford to take the risk. Believe me, no one is more upset about this than me! I HATE missing gigs and letting fans and promoters down, but this is totally out of my hands.”

Please know that Teebee, The Session and Circle Management have tried every possibility to rectify the matter, however there is simply is no way to ensure Teebee’s entry and return to the US, and we only resort to cancellation when there are simply no other options. We were all looking forward to a triumphant return for Teebee to Montreal since his performance here 3 years ago, we remain determined to clear up these issues in the near future, and rescheduling the event.

Refunds for tickets are available at your point of purchase. We look forward to seeing you all at our forthcoming shows!!!

Corey Kloda
The Session


VILIFY & CONSTRUCT [bassdrive wednesdays @ koi,]
These two have had so much going on lately in terms of insane guest DJs, weekly radio shows (yes that’s shows, as in plural), and a weekly event that is busier and busier every time we hit it. They were there for the second edition of Long Dark Tunnel and we couldn’t think of anybody we wanted to have back again more than them. So we did. So there!

Corey and Mayday have a sort of ‘good cop/bad cop’ thing going on and their ability to throw events together stems from being able to argue to the point that they hate each other only to be giggling like Harojuku girls about 5 seconds later. Who is the good cop and who is the bad cop changes at any given hour but rest assured if one of them tries that ‘coming up on retirement’ lameness anytime soon, the other will be there to put a stop to that shit faster than the chief can say ‘Turn in your badge and gun, you’re off the case, you’re letting this get personal’.



It’s like a cult but without the whole mass suicide thing.

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