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UK Drum & Bass Legend Marcus Intalex helps us inaugurate a new beginning for drum & bass in Montreal. If you don’t remember the last time you saw Marcus, that’s ok, we do. It was 2001, and that’s far too long to wait for a guy who puts out insane music on a regular basis. Responsible for bringing you Lynx & Kemo’s critically hailed album ‘The Raw Truth’ on his legendary label Soul:r Recordings, as well as shining a light on dubstep’s most recent hot commodity Martyn, on his other label Revolve:r Recordings, it’s amazing he has any time to make music himself. But does he ever. Alongside partners in crime Calibre and ST Files, they form MISTiCAL, and ‘The Eleventh Hour’ LP which dropped last year is just the tip of the iceberg. Marcus has also collaborated with every big name in the business, from Klute to DJ Marky, and from D.Kay to High Contrast. Beyond that, he STILL manages produce solo material for the likes of Goldie’s Metalheadz label, and DJ Friction’s Shogun Audio. Still want more? Come to the show and see what’s next.

DJ Hosta [Komodo Dubs]

DJ Hosta, the dark, crazy and self-loathing half of Komodo Dubs, hosts a deep bass club night that happens regularly in Montreal. This night is an excuse to play dubstep and other bass-heavy sounds. The night features guest DJs who bring their own take on the dub-bass sound, be it dubstep, garage, dancehall, dubwise, jungle, d’n’b, grime, roots reggae, dub techno or something else that is so heavy and new it doesn’t even have a name yet.


Bus [ESL]

DJ BUS is a new-comer to Montreal however he’s no new-comer to British street music. He earned his stripes pushing Grime and Dubstep in Ontario and moved to Montreal in September 2008 to start E.S.L. Production’s, the company responsible for “MTL FUNKY” which plans to continue with Dubstep, Garage and Bassline events in the future.

Corey K [The Session / Long Dark Tunnel]

Corey is probably the only person left in the city who stills plays vinyl. Come see what they look like!


Generic [Shift / Function / Creative Source]

G is the only person left in the city that doesn’t hate Corey for one reason or another. Come see what he looks like!


Club Lambi
4465 St-Laurent



Available At:
MOOG Audio – 3828 St-Laurent

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